Zilker Kite Festival from 2016

Zilker Park Kite Festival and Good Dog Manners

Good Dog Manners Roughly (ruffly?) 20,000 people showing up to the Zilker Park Kite Festival, and hundreds of dogs. What’s the best way to be safe? Are there warning signs that can help you prevent altercations, keep your family and doggos in good spirits, and avoid bites? There sure are! Give other dog walkers space.[…]

CGC Testing – What It Is & Why We Do It

The American Kennel Club began their Canine Good Citizen program in 1989 as a way to reward dogs who have proven good manners at home and in their communities. Since then, it has become the golden standard for all obedience courses. The Canine Good Citizen test, or CGC, contains 10 subjects that will simulate different day to[…]

Train The Dog In Front Of You

All too often we get sidetracked by our own goals and aspirations for our dogs, and it’s common for humans to make the assumption that they can train their dog for anything.  This simply isn’t true. You can train a dog for agility, but if they don’t like to jump, it won’t work.  You can[…]

Helping Your Dog Cope With Firework and Storm Fears and Phobias

It’s officially 4th of July – every dog’s least favorite holiday!    Oh boy. If you are like most dog owners, a little worry for your dog’s sanity probably comes along with your 4th of July festivities.  Whether you are hiding indoors with your dog tonight, or hosting the big party, here are a few[…]

Wet Nose News – June 2014

Share this newsletter here. Subscribe ———— Hello Summer time!   Our tails wag just thinking about all the dog fun we have planned in the coming months.  Here’s the scoop:   Our New Class & Private Training Location As of June 1st our training classes moved to Bentley’s Biscuits & Bones.  Our classes will be held in the[…]