Welcome to Puppy Training Central!

Big or small, puppies need a lot of attention and guidance in order to grow up to be mannerly upstanding citizens. Add to that, puppies are all different. Some are shy and some are the life of the party. Giving your puppy what they need should first be about figuring out who they are and what they need.

Geesh! Being a new parent can be so overwhelming!

Relax. We’ve been at this for a long time and can walk you through the puppy stages step-by-step. From socialization (the right way!); to potty training; to obedience training and manners – our Puppy Power Package leaves nothing out (including poop on your carpet.)

What is it?

We realized a long time ago that obedience class wasn’t enough for most families. They needed help at home with things like potty training, destructive chewing, jumping, and more complex behavior challenges. So we created the Puppy Power Package to include three different services all in one awesome deal!

  • A Puppy Evaluation & Training Consultation
  • 2 Private Training Lessons where we will come to your home* and help you navigate potty training, destructive behaviors, and whatever else that adorable tiny tornado might be throwing your way.
  • A full 6 week Basic Obedience Class
    • Sit for Manners: Teach your puppy to say please with a polite sit instead of jumping!
    • Down for trust building
    • Stay basics for patience
    • Leave it for more impulse control (because we can’t have enough of that!)
    • Socializing with an intro to impulse control
    • Leash training – Introducing the leash and establishing good habits from the start
    • Handling, building trust, and introducing new objects and distractions for a social, confident, and trusting pup!

To get Puppy Power, simply send a training request for your puppy!


*In-home visits are subject to availability and service area. Clients outside our service area may choose to meet in our training center at Yard Bar instead.