• Where do you offer Private Dog Training?

Mobile Private Dog Training:  Most of Austin and surrounding suburbs based on availability.  Additional travel fees may apply to some areas based on travel time.

Training Center:  Our training center is located at 6700 Burnet Road in the Yard Bar facility.  It is separate and private from the dog park, located behind the dining patio, and it offers ample fenced in and safe space to work.

  • Insurance, Bonding, and Privacy

Our company carries top notch insurance coverage through The Hartford.

All client information is confidential and used for internal purposes only.  Leaps N’ Hounds will never sell client information or share personal information with anyone.

  • What makes Leaps N’ Hounds different?

Our Dog Trainers are certified professionals complete with human and dog communication skills.  Not only is every LNH Trainer educated, certified, and experienced, but they are also really fun to work with.    Training with us is a supportive experience where we offer compassionate and sound guidance to address the real-world challenges that our clients face with their dogs.

Our Marketing dollars go to helping the dogs.  Instead of spending our money with various corporations, we partner with rescues and shelters around Austin.   Our business is over 90% referral based.

  • What is the charge for Dog Training if I have more than one pet?

Our pricing is simple.  We charge for our time, so there’s no extra charge if you have more than one pet for private training.

For classes each dog must be enrolled individually and have one handler.  

  • How frequently will I meet with a Dog Trainer?

Private Dog Training:  It depends on what your training plan requires for best results and how often you want to meet (considering your budget, time, etc). Typically we meet about once a week with our clients for an hour.

Classes:  Once a week, on the same day and time, for the duration of the class.  Our classes and workshops are either 4, 5, or 6 weeks in length and 55 minutes each.

  • How many clients do your trainers typically visit in a day?

Typically between 3 and 5 sessions per day.  Our trainers do not over-book and are careful to balance their day so that their clients never feel rushed.

  • What if my Dog Trainer gets sick or an emergency occurs?

In case of emergency we will notify you as soon as possible.  For classes another staff member will usually be enlisted to substitute teach.

  • What about training in inclement weather?

We train in light drizzle or chilly weather, but if it gets too extreme, we’ll reschedule.  We’re not trying to torture you or your dog.  😉

  • Can you provide references?

Absolutely.  Check out our endorsements or Yelp.  We are also veterinarian recommended and endorsed by many local pet-friendly businesses and rescues.

  • How does it work? / How do I select a trainer?
  1. Log in to the portal or create an account.  It’s easy!
  2. Select the class you’d like and enroll.  For Private Training and general inquiries, please submit the form found on our Contact page.
  3. If you have any issues or questions, email Alyssa in the office at office@leapsnhounds.com

Selecting a trainer with us is easy.  All of our trainers are amazing and can resolve all types of behavior issues, from hyper pups to dog aggression.  So instead of asking ‘who?’ we recommend asking ‘when?’   Then go with the trainer that works best with your schedule so it’s easier on you.  We have availability on week days, evenings, and weekends – it just varies per trainer.

  • Payment

Clients can pay as they go or opt for a more affordable training package by paying in advance.

We accept cash, checks, & credit card payments.

  • Cancellation Policies

Contact your dog trainer immediately if cancelling services.   We will then confirm your cancelation.  We do our best to stay flexible with our clients and credit the account when services are not used.  With that said, our official cancellation policy is as follows:


Private Training

The success of a dog’s training depends largely on the dog’s human family and is not 100% under the control of the trainer.    Training refunds and credits will be considered for the following reasons:  untimely death or illness, unplanned relocations that are deemed too far for your trainer to travel, or if  your trainer believes your dog requires a different type of expertise and will no longer benefit from their services.

Private sessions expire 1 year from the date of purchase.  The full training fee will apply and will not be refunded in cases where the client is a no-show or fails to schedule training appointments within that year.

For Classes

100% Refund or credit: 15+ days notice of cancelation for any reason.  5+ days notice of cancelation.   Death or loss of dog.  Transfer to another class.

50% Refund: 4 or less days notice of cancelation with veterinary or physician’s note.  OR 5-14 days notice of cancelation for any reason.

0% Refund: Cancelations less than 4 days prior to class start date without medical reason.  No shows.

In the event there are not enough dogs registered for a scheduled class, we will notify you  that the class must be rescheduled. If the rescheduled day and time is not agreeable, a full refund will be provided or you may choose another class date.

Last Minute Bookings

We work as a team and do our best to accommodate our busy clients’ last minute needs.  We recommend contacting us during our office hours Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm to expedite service.

There are no fees or penalties for last minute bookings, however if the Dog Trainer closest to you is not available, there may be a travel charge for another person.  Of course we will notify you if there is any additional charge before confirming your visit.