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Penny’s Storyharleypennystair6b73a0841c87

Integrating an adult Pit Bull into a pack of two Rottie mixes and a German Shepherd isn’t always easy, but it’s totally worth it!  Read Penny the Pittie’s story on our blog here and see the nice things her family had to say about their training experience.


Chantelle, Chuy & Lola

Pics 320Thank you so much for helping my sweet Lola. Before you came into the picture we could not walk down the street without Lola freaking-out at other dogs. She is doing so much better now and is listening and following or commands.

Also, she is much more respectful inside the house. She is so very sweet, just needed some help from us! Thank you for the tools you taught us to help Ms. Lola! You were great with Lola and Chuy and us…we needed just as much work as they did!


Kitty & Dancer

Thanks so much for the wonderful one-on-one help you have given my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Dancer. As you and I have discussed many times, Dancer is a shy boy, but he is very smart. I am especially grateful that you were able to teach him not to bound out of the door the minute it is opened. In fact, I must say “okay” before he will go through the door.
If I take him off leash I just say, “with me” and he will not leave my side at any time.   Another very useful command that you taught him is for me to give a person permission to pet him. His natural instinct is to shrink back, however, if I say, “It’s okay for you to pet him,” he will immediately relax and let the person/child approach and pet.
He still does his “sit” “down” and “stay” commands, and will occasionally even roll over for me (he is not a “trick” dog). He still walks well, and will remind him to “heel” if he gets excited on the way home.  Your influence has been a great help in keeping him safe, as I live in a patio home and the street is not far away.
Thank you for making life easier for me and my best friend, Dancer!
Warm Regards,

Jennifer Isabel, Hannah, & Cody

Crystal has a true gift  – our four legged children just  love her. She had their respect and attention from the moment she began working with them.  Cody, our whippet puppy, needed lots of behavior and obedience training .  He was a very spirited and headstrong little puppy, and now is a well behaved, incredibly loveable young gentleman, thanks to Crystal’s training  and her education for me regarding consistency and follow up.  There really IS such a  thing as doggy training homework, and it really pays off!   Crystal even brought her own dog, Lyla, over to teach Cody some socialization skills. It was pretty impressive to watch them interact!

I also learned that old dogs CAN learn new tricks, because Crystal changed some inappropriate behaviors of our two Italian Greyhounds, Hannah and Isabel.
Audrey Weir is a dog sitter extraordinaire!   I was amazed at  how our dogs loved her the moment she walked in the door.  We hosted a company Christmas party in our home, and Audrey sat with our three dogs upstairs to keep them entertained for the evening.  She handled the evening beautifully, bringing them downstairs one –by-one for potty breaks and quick visits with the guests.   It was a perfect arrangement.

We were so sorry to see Crystal and Leaps N Hounds move from Houston to Austin, but know she will be a huge blessing to Austin dogs and their owners!

Jennifer & Beef


The first training class went reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally well! We were some serious proud parents! Beef did really well around the other dogs and we went to Petco for a treat afterwards. All the work we’ve done with you has really paid off and made a difference. Thank YOU for everything! We’re all a lot happier with life and one another (Beef is a happy camper) and even the little dogs are enjoying their new diets! Thank you for everything. I’ll be in touch soon to keep you updated on the rest of the classes.

Debra (Handler) for Mitch & Semper

I just wanted to tell you that I had Semper for a few days last week and showed him in conformation for two days and I couldn’t be more pleased with this boy’s training and manners.  He’s huge (but still in standard, crossed fingers that at 15 months he is finished growing) LOL but very sweet and gentle….still got his happy enthusiasm but lovely to walk on leash and I was thrilled to find out that his sit/down/stay don’t interfere at all with “stand pretty.”  ;~) Very nice job you did with dog and owners!


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