Private Dog Training


Private Dog Training designed for you, your dog, and your schedule.


Leaps N’ Hounds Dog Trainers specialize in practical, communication-based training that improves your dog’s behavior by teaching them to make rewarding decisions.   In Private Dog Training we’ll train a dog to be more than just a good dog on the surface.   We teach dogs how to be happy, stable, well-rounded, and socially sound so that they can be the dogs their families dream of.

Our Three Stage Approach to training has worked for thousands of dogs and their families for over 8 years.  We address all types of training challenges – from teaching the fundamentals of good behavior to puppies, to resolving troubling behaviors like leash reactivity and dog aggression.

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Private Dog Training Locations

  • The Leaps N’ Hounds Training Center at Yard Bar  – 6700 Burnet Rd.
  • In your home.
  • In the park or other location where training is needed.

We travel all over Austin and surrounding areas.  Additional travel fees may apply for locations with extra travel time (varies per trainer).

The Training Process

Consultation (30-60 minutes) 

This is where your trainer asks a lot of questions, gets to know you and your dog, and identifies your needs.  You’ll know your trainer and the plan they have in mind for you before you commit to anything or spend a lot of money.   If, by the end of your consult, we feel you may be more successful with a different approach or service that we do not provide, we can refer you to someone who can help.  We want you to succeed with your dog, which is why we keep our consults low cost and will never pressure you to sign up for something you don’t need.

Your training plan will consider your schedule, abilities, your dog’s behavior and needs, and your training goals. We may recommend a certain number of private lessons (typically between 2 and 6) to help you reach your goals.  We may also recommend obedience classes or behavior workshops that can help dogs who need more exposure to other dogs and people.  A client may choose to work with us for one lesson at a time, or purchase multiple lessons at a reduced rate.

Training Lessons (60-90 minutes)  

Training typically begins right after your consult.

Our training approach is 3 stages, addressing behavior problems at their root:

1. Human/Dog relationship Building –  Establish good communication and leash handling habits.  Creating a schedule that works for the people and dog(s) in the house.

2. Training  Obedience Fundamentals –  A shared language between you and your dog, we’ll teach your how to proof it around distractions and apply it in practical situations to set clear expectations for your dog.

3. Custom Training Exercises:  We will develop exercises specifically for you, your home, and your dog that address specific behavior problems directly.


Your trainer’s goal is to render themselves obsolete, giving you the tools you need to influence your dog’s behavior in every situation.  Our homework is short, simple, kind, and based on what you learn with us during our lessons together.  It’s not hard to keep up with because it simply involves communicating with your dog in everyday situations.  It is a necessary and rewarding part of the training process.

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Dog Training FAQ

  • What is your training approach/technique?

Kind.  Scientific.  Do No Harm.

We prefer communication, positive reinforcement, exercise, mutual respect, clear boundaries, and a focus on addressing the root causes of  a behavior.  We have chosen this humane, fast, effective, and safe approach because it builds confident, happy, and well-behaved dogs with very strong bonds to their human families.

You will find us to be kind, personable, educated, dedicated, and very good at what we do.

  • What kind of dog training is right for me?

Dog Training Classes occur once a week on a fixed schedule and stick to a set curriculum. Classes can be a fun social environment for you and your dog that improve your dog’s ability to work around distractions like other people and dogs.  Classes are the same day and time each week and training is stuctured for a group with a set curriculum.  Our obedience classes are tailored to help dogs achieve their Good Citizen Certification – from the puppy stage up through maturity.  We also offer some specialized classes like our 4 week Leash Reactivity program geared towards dedicated leash pullers, lungers, barkers, and excitable dogs.  Classes can work well as stand alone training or alongside private training and workshops.  Many of our private training clients come to us uncomfortable with the group training concept due to their dog’s behavior.  Many set the class environment as a goal, working through some training challenges first, to get their dog ready for the more distracting class environment.


Workshops are shorter in length (1 to 2 weeks) and cover a specific issue – usually a more complex or specifiic behavior topic like fearful dogs, anxiety, or preparing your dog for a baby.  These are an excellent opportunity to gain specialized training information and practice in a group setting where others have similar behavior challenges and goals.  Workshops are affordable stand-alone opportunities to learn, but they also work well alongside classes or private training.

Private Training

Private training is tailored to suit the home & dog.   It is a cost-effective and time-efficient option for people who need to work with more than one dog, or need more advanced training assistance.   Private training also gives you the freedom to make your schedule.  A custom training plan is made for your dog with your goals in mind.  Our trainers, with over 40 combined years of experience in training service dogs, scent detection, therapy dogs, show dogs,and rehabilitating rescued dogs, are great at devising training plans that work well for our clients.   Private training is also great for achieving rapid results with a single dog or for addressing more complex or risky behavior issues.

If you are unsure which of our services may best fit your needs, just email us at – we are happy to help you get on the path to a happy dog and family.


Have more questions?  Check out our general FAQ