Zilker Kite Festival from 2016

Zilker Park Kite Festival and Good Dog Manners

Good Dog Manners Roughly (ruffly?) 20,000 people showing up to the Zilker Park Kite Festival, and hundreds of dogs. What’s the best way to be safe? Are there warning signs that can help you prevent altercations, keep your family and doggos in good spirits, and avoid bites? There sure are! Give other dog walkers space.[…]

Dog Park Tips for Owners

Imagine this – It is a beautiful Saturday morning. The sun is cascading over the grass as a light breeze dances though the trees. You and your pup are looking for a fun, outdoor activity to share together. For some, this scenario screams “TIME FOR THE DOG PARK!” For others, not so much. Depending on who you[…]

Training – Reactivity Progress with Dally

It is so rewarding to see our clients’ dogs progress through the training process. Check out Dally here. Once upon a time she would have been barking, lunging, and a potential bite risk in this park surrounded by people and dogs. Now, she looks at her handler for guidance. Wonderful progress, Dally! Post by Leaps[…]

Austin’s Dog Laws

We love our dogs and we are horrified when we see people treating their pets poorly.  This is something that we cannot just stand by and watch, ringing our hands and feeling helpless.  Thankfully we live in Austin and we don’t have to! Did you know that Austin is one of a relatively small group[…]

Found – Becoming a Dog’s Hero Safely & Effectively

There you are driving down the street, minding your own business, when you witness that dreaded sight: a stray dog.  Your heart jumps into your throat as you cringe at what may happen next.  You want to help, but what do you do?  There isn’t exactly a standard protocol on handling this situtation… or is[…]