Dog Socialization… The Right Way

Socialized Dog: A dog that can listen around other dogs, plays gently, walks on leash without lunging/barking, greets people in a friendly manner, doesn’t mow over the toddler, is comfortable with the fact that people come in many shapes, colors, and scents; and understands the meaning of you can’t have that.

CGC Testing – What It Is & Why We Do It

The American Kennel Club began their Canine Good Citizen program in 1989 as a way to reward dogs who have proven good manners at home and in their communities. Since then, it has become the golden standard for all obedience courses. The Canine Good Citizen test, or CGC, contains 10 subjects that will simulate different day to[…]

7 Tips for Harnessing The High Energy Dog

Boundless energy is a thing of much envy, but if you have a dog with this “gift,” it can be pretty maddening. Hyperactivity (a diagnosis with a lot of gray area) is often more of a personality type than a breed or age of dog.  From the tiniest Chihuahua, to the most massive Great Dane,[…]