Dog Socialization… The Right Way

Socialized Dog: A dog that can listen around other dogs, plays gently, walks on leash without lunging/barking, greets people in a friendly manner, doesn’t mow over the toddler, is comfortable with the fact that people come in many shapes, colors, and scents; and understands the meaning of you can’t have that.

Dog Park Tips for Owners

Imagine this – It is a beautiful Saturday morning. The sun is cascading over the grass as a light breeze dances though the trees. You and your pup are looking for a fun, outdoor activity to share together. For some, this scenario screams “TIME FOR THE DOG PARK!” For others, not so much. Depending on who you[…]

Practical Dog Socialization

You may have heard: socializing a dog is a key component to raising a great best friend.  But what is a social dog? Most people seem to think a socialized dog can play with other dogs, but that is way too simple.  In reality we tend to expect a lot more from our dogs. Socialized[…]