7 Tips for Harnessing The High Energy Dog

Boundless energy is a thing of much envy, but if you have a dog with this “gift,” it can be pretty maddening. Hyperactivity (a diagnosis with a lot of gray area) is often more of a personality type than a breed or age of dog.  From the tiniest Chihuahua, to the most massive Great Dane,[…]

Penny’s Story

This story is featured in our latest Newsletter along with our latest classes, workshops, and programs. Subscribe here to get future newsletters sent straight to your email.   Pack issues are amongst the hardest cases we handle.   There are so many unknown factors at play when multiple dogs in a home aren’t getting along, it[…]

Should I Let My Dog on the Furniture?

Furniture: To dog or not to dog?  That is the question.   It’s a common misconception that allowing dogs on the furniture will “ruin” their temperament.   There is no magic respect switch that is flipped in a dog’s brain when they are not allowed on the furniture, and we’ve seen thousands of dogs maintain[…]

Positive Dog Training in Practical Environments

Whether you were watching the Super Bowl on the patio yesterday or catching some sun at Zilker Park, it was beautiful enough outside do just about anything.  We took the opportunity to get some dogs out for some much needed fresh air – and while we were at it, some fun training too. The most effective[…]