Dog Socialization… The Right Way

Socialized Dog: A dog that can listen around other dogs, plays gently, walks on leash without lunging/barking, greets people in a friendly manner, doesn’t mow over the toddler, is comfortable with the fact that people come in many shapes, colors, and scents; and understands the meaning of you can’t have that.

7 Tips for Harnessing The High Energy Dog

Boundless energy is a thing of much envy, but if you have a dog with this “gift,” it can be pretty maddening. Hyperactivity (a diagnosis with a lot of gray area) is often more of a personality type than a breed or age of dog.  From the tiniest Chihuahua, to the most massive Great Dane,[…]

Mo’s Story

It has been almost two months since our dog, Mo, passed away.  Talking about his death has come easier to me than writing about it.  When talking I can make light of this experience – about how he gave us more time with him than we expected, and how he exited this world as gracefully[…]