From Leaps N’ Hounds Founder, Crystal Dunn

Change ignites progress.  And while change can be scary, I’ve found the fearful sensation it brings usually means I’m doing something right.

In 2008, when I started Leaps N’ Hounds, I definitely felt the fear of change. It was risky, lonely at first, and overwhelming to own a business. Thankfully, working with dogs had already taught me the value of practice, consistency, patience, and perseverance. These things led me to a successful place as a trainer and a business owner. The experience has been truly life-changing.

Today I am faced with the challenges of change once again but in a different way. After ten years of running Leaps N’ Hounds, the time has come for me to step down as Director and Owner, and to move on to new ventures. End of May I will begin a new role as Facility Director for Taurus Academy’s Bark & Zoom in South Austin.

This change is in line with long-term goals that I’ve shared with many of you: running a larger scale facility that can still provide personalized, enriching, and loving care for pets. Bark & Zoom is pet luxury of the highest caliber and the training beliefs I hold dear are hard at work there. At Bark & Zoom I plan to use a lot of what I’ve learned from Leaps N’ Hounds and you, our beloved clients and friends, to make it even better! Thus, growing your options for awesome pet services in Austin.

While my departure from Leaps N’ Hounds is bittersweet, I am excited for the opportunity to train more trainers, oversee a state of the art facility, and, of course, to cuddle a lot more dogs. I built a five-star reputation as one of Austin’s most trusted dog trainers at Leaps N’ Hounds, but not by myself. Leaps N’ Hounds has always been a team of supportive, intelligent, and hilarious people who really love dogs and enjoy working together and with clients. This team remains intact without me now, and that gives me great peace.

What does this mean for Leaps N’ Hounds?

If you’ve worked with us before, then you probably know Jess Wilson. She’s been our Lead Trainer and Behavior Consultant for over two years and has over ten years experience training dogs. She is a wonderful teacher and leader, so it only makes sense that she take over as Director and Owner of Leaps N’ Hounds. She will continue to provide the same level of top-notch, personalized training that we always have. In Jess’ capable hands, Leaps N’ Hounds will continue to grow, providing awesome in-home dog training that suits your schedule, budget, and goals.

What does all this mean for you and your dog? Options!

If you need an expert to come to your home, Jess and Leaps N’ Hounds will be there.
As for Bark & Zoom, you’ll have dog and cat boarding, enrichment playgroups to maintain and improve your dog’s social abilities, and board & train options. There’s even a doggie pool to stay cool during these hot Summer days!
We hope this transition brings you convenience and ease knowing that, whatever your pet needs, we are all here to help.
Thanks for all the adventures!
Crystal Dunn
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