Zilker Park Kite Festival and Good Dog Manners

Zilker Kite Festival from 2016

Good Dog Manners

Roughly (ruffly?) 20,000 people showing up to the Zilker Park Kite Festival, and hundreds of dogs. What’s the best way to be safe? Are there warning signs that can help you prevent altercations, keep your family and doggos in good spirits, and avoid bites? There sure are!

  • Give other dog walkers space. Keep at least 10ft of distance. Give more room for dogs that bark or pull.
  • Respect the Warning Signals. The dog’s human looks worried or hesitant (or is walking away!), the leash is tight. Is the dog staring, stiff, barking or, yes, even avoiding? Walk away if you see these signs!
  • Pet Politely. Back away from jumping dogs. Reward them with attention with all 4 of their paws are on the floor. Avoid petting them on the head and face. Go for upper back, neck, butt, chest and belly.
  • Contact us or enroll in some classes if your dog needs a brush-up on manners, or if you just have some questions

Quick Reference

Feel free to print out, share or download the flyer we’ve made for this and other occasions:

zilker park good dog manners