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Between researching methods, reviews, and teaching styles; finding the right dog trainer can be tricky. We propose meeting a trainer with experience in all approaches who can help guide you and your dog down the path that suits you best. Enter Leaps N' Hounds: Dog nerds with people skills. What makes us different? We weigh all factors when creating a training plan for you. This includes safety, risk, time, budget, health, family dynamics, and training goals. We do not default to one approach, but instead, find the path and tools that suit you and your dog best. We are judgment-free. We will not shame you for being busy or overwhelmed. We foster honesty, mutual respect, and compromise with our clients. We help you set realistic goals and give you the tools and tricks necessary to reach them. No gimmicks, just tips and tricks from a well-practiced professional. With our roots in shelter and rescue work, we started training dogs to help save lives. This means teaching practical life skills for high-functioning social dogs. Not just obedience, but *applied* obedience that results in manners inside and outside of the home. Our goal is to build relationships, friendships, and trust through communication. We'll never ask you to "dominate" your dog or be cruel. Instead, we coach you on how to be a good dog parent, a good leader, and a person your dog can rely on. For us, building trust is everything. First, we earn your trust. Then you earn your dog's. A dog who trusts you is loyal and will follow you happily. From there, the possibilities are boundless.

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Dog Training and Behavior Modification For Your Best Friend

Socialization, obedience, potty training, and addressing common puppy peeves like chewing, digging, barking, and jumping.

Private Dog Training

Behavior consulting and training customized for your dog & your schedule. Obedience and behavior consulting made easy and fun!

Training Packages

Let's help your dog achieve greatness!
Consult & Private Lesson

$210 value for$135

  • In-home or wherever you need it.
  • Dog Evaluation & Training Consultation
  • Custom Training Plan
  • Obedience and Behavior Modiication Included
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4 Private Lessons

Custom training for you and your dog

$450 value for$400

  • Dog Evaluation & Training Plan (consultation)
  • 4 in-home or on-site private lessons
  • Address behavior issues like dog reactivity, fears, phobias, hyperactivity, impulse control, separation anxiety, and more.
  • Get faster results with private lessons.
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8 Private Lessons

Long term solutions for complex issues


  • Dog Evaluation & Training Plan (consultation)
  • 8 in-home or on-site private lessons
  • Address complex or repetition-centric behavior issues like aggression, severe anxiety, fears, and more.
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Who is Leaps N' Hounds?

Crystal Dunn
Crystal Dunn
Crystal started Leaps N’ Hounds in 2006 with a focus on creating a training company that would respect a dog’s individuality. In 2018 she handed the baton to Jess Wilson, who now runs the company.
Jess Wilson
Jess Wilson
Dog Trainer/Behavior Consultant
Jess is a walking dog encyclopedia with extensive knowledge in the behavioral science, veterinary, and companion animal nutrition fields. She is a fun, easy going trainer who excels at setting clients (and dogs) at ease. Jess is a Certified Dog Trainer with over 10 years experience. Specialties: Behavior Modification, Obedience (household and competition), Canine Good Citizen, Agility, Reactivity, Fear Behaviors, and Compulsive disorders.
Jason Dunn
Jason Dunn
Technology Guru
Jason is the great and powerful Oz behind the curtain. As keeper of our website and all things technology related, us dog folks couldn’t survive without Jason’s support and dedication to our company.

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